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Services Offered

Security Management

Risk Assessment

The employees and staff are literally the heart of the organisation. An organisation is built and it only functions well when it’s members come together and work. People can only work efficiently in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Making your employees and staff feel safe and providing them a safe environment to work in is our responsibility. With our security services we aspire to help you create a secured zone for your company staff to work in, our team of vigilant, courteous and professional security guards are ready to provide you protection against all kinds of security breaches. Our manned guarding security force are motivated by the thought of protecting people and saving people from various security breaches. They are well trained, extremely skilled and they handle themselves professionally so as to provide you quality protection. What are the benefits of choosing us:
1. Our security service members are verified.
2. We have divided our force into several areas, we have area managers, officers so as to take good care area wise.
3. All of our security members wear uniforms and are presentable, they carry themselves professionally.
4. We are government approved.
5. All of our members are screened and none of them have any kind of criminal background.

Toll Management

Toll management systems or TMS are security systems that are placed to collect revenue with the aim of recovering the amount of cost that was incurred while constructing, repairing or maintaining the particular road, organisation or the place. Raj securities has a proven track record in setting up and operating toll collection within commercial establishments and on private express ways. We have experience in both manual and electronic toll systems. What are the benefits of a TMS:
1. Effectively detecting fraud and other security breaches and reducing the risk.
2. Monitoring heavy weighted vehicles
3. Monitoring and tracking every vehicle or person that passes through.
4. Effective recollection of the revenue invested in building..

Facility & House Management Services

Our work force is specialised in various sections, they have the required knowledge, skills, they are trained to work in various sections by adapting to the requirement of the situation. By doing this we aim to provide client satisfaction. All our members work closely together, support each other with the motto of providing quality results. We understand that different clients have different requirements and we aim to fulfil every type of client need, including house maintenance, hospitality and facility management.
We offer a huge variety of quality services in house maintenance that include house keeping, General Duty Assistance, maintenance service, floor maintenance, Labour contract for industry and outsourcing staff. We offer a wife range of services that enhance our efficiency in House maintenance and other sectors. Our well trained and skilled team members are well versed and experienced in all the work they do and adapt according to the client requirement.

Integrated Building Management systems

When people look for apartments, buildings, flats the first thing they check is how secured the building is, things like security cameras, security systems with monitors, fire alarms, other electrically operated security systems etc all of these automatically make people feel safe and secured. Security systems that are computer operated and automated, that are used for the purpose of keeping a watch and safeguarding the building are known as iBMS or Integrated building management system. These are usually used to control and manage security alarm systems, fire alarms, monitors and security cameras to keep a watch on the surroundings as well as the compound, power system of the building, other technical and electrical equipments in the building etc. This is a smart way to safeguard the building both internally as well as externally.
Main functions iBMS focuses on:
1. Controlling and monitoring building’s important electrical and technical systems
2. Monitoring the activity in the compound or outside.
3. Protection by immediate reporting on thefts and other security breaches.