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Services Offered


General Investigation

Investigative and detective services have a huge importance. It is our motive to provide only the best security services to you. Our general investigation and detection services include:
1. Keeping a record of activities
2. Providing 24 hour surveillance
3. Searching for missing persons
4. Verifying credentials
5. Preparing reports or crime and accidents
6. Sabotage
7. Watching out during joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.
8. Shadowing
9. Protection against civil, finance and corporate frauds.
10.Providing De-bugging services..


A company takes time, effort and money to be built and we understand how important that is, here are the services we provide under corporate section:
1. Performing background checks
2. Performing business espionage
3. Investigating executive background
4. Protection against business fraud
5. Protection of company reputation
6. Investigation on theft, misuse of trade names, illegal unethical corporate conduct.
7. Investigation on internal theft.
8. Undercover surveillance
9. Performing interviews and interrogations
10. Video surveillance
11.Investigating employee misconduct and also previous and post employee surveillance
12.Investigating breaching of trade mark, copy right and patents law.
13.Looking into corruption, company and conspiracy cases.
14.Provision of concealed tape recording.

Insurance Companies

We provide security assistance through following services for insurance companies:
1. Investigating accidents and disability claims.
2. Adverse and witness investigation.
3. Verifying workers compensation and personal injury claims.
4. Verifying simulated claims of accidents, fire, robbery, transport, after effects on accident, victims.
5. Locating stolen goods.

Banking and Financial Institution

Financial institutions are of extreme importance to people as well as the nation. They too are on the front lines and at a huge risk of facing security threats. We provide the following services to ensure protection from security breaches.
1. Looking out for credit card fraud
2. Enquiries on creditworthiness
3. Recovering debts
4. Verifying loan applicants
5. Verifying transactions
6. Location of assets for financial recovery.
7. Skip tracing.